Long term investing is a value-oriented philosophy. It is about identifying businesses that grow to become multi-bagger opportunities, which requires time. Businesses become multi baggers when they mature, and investors with patience can derive benefits from such stocks.

Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. (EWASPL) essentially caters to investors seeking sustained wealth creation with an investment horizon of 3-5 years or more.

Our highly qualified equity research team, with collective experience of over 100 years, follows a focused and scientific approach towards equity investments.

Key Differentiators

  • We specialize in the area of equity research and advisory.
  • The quality of our research is akin to Private Equity (PE) investments in public space, i.e. the background research; the detailed approach and long-term analysis employed are almost similar to the required research rigour of PE investments.
  • Our advisory model is non-discretionary and allows you to have a final say in your investments.
  • We help you in creating wealth rather than merely managing wealth.
  • We create co-owners in businesses rather than merely buying shares.
  • With a lean & transparent fee structure, we provide an end-to-end & personalised assistance in your wealth creation journey.